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Prof. Haydar Kazgan – Seminar Series

Dr. Canan Urhan

“Using Thematic Analysis and Formal Concept Analysis to Determine Semiotic Communities of Lifestyle”

Date: 30 September Tuesday Time: 12:30-13:30 Location: ISB F235 – Blue Auditorium


The concept of `lifestyle’ has been so prominently and fruitfully used for determining market segments because of its effectiveness of showing the relation between the values, opinions and consumption patterns. The established practice for determining lifestyle segments in consumer research is using psychographic methods. Psychographic methods make use of structured data collection instruments such as ad hoc AIO (activities, interests and opinions) or LOV (list of values) surveys and usually elicit lifestyle taxonomies using quantitative data reduction techniques such as cluster analysis or correspondence analysis. However, structured instruments are prone to reflecting the researcher’s perspective to the data rather than reflecting the world views of the consumers. On the other hand, although unstructured interviews give the respondents to freely express their own views, the data obtained through these techniques are not usually adequate for being input to systematic and ! objective classification techniques. Within this scope, the aim of this seminar is to offer a systematic way of classifying respondents into lifestyle segments using the data collected through unstructured narrative interviews. For this purpose, a method that bridges qualitative thematic analysis with quantitative formal concept analysis will e introduced.


Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, PhD in Organization Studies, January 2012 PhD Dissertation titled “Consumption of self help in the construction of professional identity: the case of young professional Turkish women” under the supervision of Prof. Ahmet K. Suerdem Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, MA in Economics and Finance, August 2006 MA dissertation titled “A Literature Survey on the Gender Wage Gap in Turkey” under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Guzin Gulsun Arikan Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, BA in Business Administration, Marketing Minor, January 2005


Date Title Speaker Location – Time
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20.06.2014 Critical Trust Incidents across Cultures: A Study on Dignity, Face and Honor Cultures  S. Arzu Wasti Sabancı U. ISB F235 13:30
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04.03.2014 Volatility Connectedness and the Global Bank Network  Kamil Yılmaz Koç U. ISB F237 11:00
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17.01.2014 The Role of Market Orientation in Advertising Spending during Economic Collapse: The Case of Turkey in 2001 Ayşegül Özsomer Koç U. EMBA White room 14:00
27.12.2013 Engineering a Safer Health Care System: Improving Patient Safety in Cardiac Surgery Ayşe P. Gürses Johns Hopkins U. EMBA White room 14:00
13.12.2013 Exploring Business Incubation Practices and Relationships to Drivers of Software Start-up Success in Turkey Stefan Koch Boğaziçi U. EMBA White room 14:00
22.11.2013 Conditions for Owned, Paid and Earned Media Effectiveness and Outbound Synergy Koen Pouwels Özyeğin U. EMBA White room 14:00
04.10.2013 “Yasa, Piyasa ve Örgüt Tiplerinde Çeşitlilik: 1981 Sonrasında Türkiye’de Üniversiteler” (makale) Behlül Üsdiken Sabancı U. ISB F236 14:00
25.03.2013 Perceptions and Structural Constraints: How Political Opportunity Shaped Labor Union Organization in Istanbul and Ankara 1962-1980? Çetin Önder Yildirim Beyazıt U. MBA Blue Aud. 12:30
01.03.2013 Preference Construction and Consumer Knowledge: How do Levels of Objective and Subjective Knowledge Affect Preference Consistency Across Differing Decision Tasks? Oğuzhan Aygören Boğaziçi U. MBA Blue Aud. 11:00
27.12.2012 Foreign Equity Trading and Average Stock-return Volatility Mehmet Umutlu Lancaster U. D504 12:00
24.12.2012 Supervised Time Series Pattern Discovery Through Local Importance Mustafa Gokce Baydogan Arizona State U. MBA Blue Aud. 12:00
05.11.2012 Green Logistics and Traffic Management in Europe Matthias Klumpp U. of Duisburg-Essen MBA Blue Aud. 12:30
01.11.2012 Who Gets the Lion’s Share? The Distribution of Alliance Benefits between Alliance Partners Birgül Arslan HEC Paris MBA Blue Aud. 12:30
17.01.2011 The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home Dan Ariely Duke U. MBA Blue Aud. 15:00